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Nature Cardiology review have mimicked Prof. Sultan Sherif’s findings on Cholesterol, that it is not the root cause of athero-scelorosiss.

Attached are two publication in Nature Cardiology review. First From  STICS trial , warning of Renal failure post coronary artery by pass graft surgery on patients prescribed  statin. Second, Mimics my finding on Cholesterol, that it is not the root cause of athero-scelorosiss, that I published in BMJ last week. - Sherif Good Fat

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Prof. Sherif Sultan featured in the Telegraph & Daily Mail

Prof. Sherif Sultan was recently featured in articles about Cardiovascular Disease by the Telegraph & The Daily Mail, you can read the full articles here & here Vascular and endovascular surgery expert Professor Sherif Sultan from the University of Ireland, who also worked on the study, said cholesterol is one of the “most vital” molecules in the body and

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