I am involved with undergraduate and post-graduate bioengineering students form NUIG, the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT), Dublin City University (DCU) and Trinity College Dublin (TCD). I am visiting Professor at GMIT, where we work in collaboration with GMIT’s Galway Medical Technology Centre designing and developing advanced clinically relevant patient-specific in vitro simulators of the human vasculature.

Med Tech Industry

Clinical Expert for Regulatory Bodies and Government Agencies

  1. Clinical Expert for the National Standards Authority of Ireland on behalf of the European Commission to evaluate endovascular devices for complex aortic repair and CE marking
  2. Member of the Expert Advisory Group for the Health Information and Quality Authority for the Health Technology Assessment of intermittent Compression for Critical Limb Ischaemia.
  3. Clinical Advisor for the Health Information and Quality Authority Report on Clinical Referral and Treatment Threshold for Varicose Vein Surgery

Reports for Industry

  1. Clinical Report for National Standards Authority of Ireland on Update s to Endologix AFX Endograft for Abdominal Aortic Repair
  2. Clinical Report for National Standards Authority of Ireland on Endologix Ventana Endograft for Juxtarenal Aortic Repair
  3. Lake Region Medical: Guidewire for below the knee arterial occlusions. 2012
  4. Medtronic, Boston Scientific & Cordis: CLASS Project: The use of an automated stock control system for management of endovascular inventory in a real-time clinical setting. 2010
  5. Abbott Laboratories: Neuro-protection devices & need of special stent 2003-2005.
  6. Cordis/Johnson & Johnson: Investigation into air-bubbles in the long carotid delivery system 2003-2004.
  7. Boston Scientific: The drug eluting stent: does it work? 2003.

Industry Clinical Product Launches

  • Fortan® Aortic Endograft. Cordis/Johnson & Johnson 2002.
  • ArtAssist® for Critically Ischaemic Limb salvage. Fannin Healthcare 2004.
  • Hyperbaric Medicine for refractory venous ulcers. AOTI 2005.
  • Duoderm® for open wound dressing policy. Ethicon/Johnson & Johnson2005.
  • Outback® re-entry device. Cordis/Johnson & Johnson 2005.
  • Frontrunner® CTO catheter. Cordis/Johnson & Johnson 2005.
  • Polarcath® cryo-plasty balloons. Boston Scientific 2005.
  • Varilase® 890 laser launch for varicose veins. Vascular Solutions 2005.
  • Excimer Cool Laser for CLI. Spectranetics 2006.
  • Complete SE® iliac stent. Medtronic 2006.
  • Powerlink® Aortic Endograft. Endologix 2007.
  • Endurant® Aortic Endograft. Medtronic 2008.
  • UniFit® Aorto uni-iliac stent graft. LeMaitre 2009
  • Captiva® Thoracic Aortic Endograft. Medtronic 2009.
  • Multilayered Peripheral stent. Cardiatis 2009.
  • Dry seal® Endovascualr Introducer Sheath. Gore Medical 2010.
  • cTAG® Thoracic Aortic Endograft System. Gore Medical 2010.
  • Powerlink Intuitrak® Aortic Endograft. Endologix 2010
  • Multilayered thoracic aortic stent. Cardiatis 2010.
  • PowerFlex Pro. Cordis Corporation 2012
  • Tigris Vascular Stent, Gore Medical 2012.
  • EverFlex™ peripheral stent system with 150cm Shaft, Covidien 2013.
  • Incraft® Aortic Endograft. Cordis/Johnson & Johnson 2014